The girl behind the foodporn


                                              Photo by Nadav Shaked
I am Petra, 23, from Slovenia. I am a student, a musician, an accomplished procrastinator, a fangirl, a lover of steaks and an occasional gin and tonic. Baking is in no way my only passion, but there is little else that makes me as content with myself as seeing a beautiful cake that I made from start to finish does.

From an early age I’ve been fascinated by the ability of taking eggs and flour and chocolate and turning them into a fabulous dessert. And years later I am still just as excited about it as I was when I was 3 and begging my grandma to let me help her in the kitchen.

I started to write this blog to share my favourite recipes with anyone who either wants to try them out or just see the whole process of baking. It is also a sort of a diary of my kitchen adventures that did and will happen when time and inspiration permit.

Have a lovely day!